Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Part 1

Those who know me well know, that Halloween is my favorite time of year after Christmas. The individually unique decorations on the facades of neighboring homes, the amazing parties, movies, and costumes make me all warm inside. I like to live and breath Halloween for the entire month of October, and Bungalow1a will have a series of home decorating ideas for the holiday starting with this weeks post. This week we have unique pumpkin design ideas. I am not a supporter of people just buying a couple ordinary pumpkins and laying them on their doorsteps! You need to have fun with them, carve them, paint them, hang them, bead them, make them special! Here are some images to get you inspired!


Create a fun little family!

Add a sillhouette! Tres-chic!

Go vintage inspired!

You all know how much I love a monogram!

Put some mini pumpkins in teapots with lazy eyes - ashtrays work well too!

Stack them!

We sponsor Costumes For Less for your unique costume ideas this year!

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