Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Part 2

The best part about Halloween is throwing amazing parties where everyone gets to dress up, have scary drinks, and eat lots of candy. The decor you present to your guests sets the mood for the party. It's never enough to just throw around some lanterns and cover your furniture in cobwebs. Here are some inspirational ideas for throwing a kick-ass Bungalow1a Halloween party!


I love this formal vampire dinner theme! Silver candelabras, ice bucket, and utensils - black plastic dishes, red candles, and a black table cloth and your'e done!

Cupcakes are the easiest thing to bake. Add some frosting and top it off with a little decorative pirate ship! 

Print some cool typography and frame! 

Wrap your napkins with scary spiders! You can find them in almost every decorative store.

Serve popcorn in a cool box and top it off with a gummy worm!

Pick the branches in your yard and paint them black!

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