Thursday, October 18, 2012

Isabella Blow

Adjectives that describe the things we love… fabulous, extravagant, eccentric, outrageous, ferocious and fearless. The late Isabella Blow (1958-2007) is someone who I find a true inspiration and all of those words can be used to describe her. Known to many as an icon of style, to others she was a beacon of light and support and for a fair few, Isabella was the embodiment of extraordinary. She has also been credited for discovering models Stella Tennant and Sophie Dahl, as well as the fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Throughout her lifetime and career, Isabella developed and nurtured some very powerful friendships with numerous icons in the fashion and art society. She led a very fabulous yet tormented life. Her creativity was a form of expression yet possibly what haunted her the most. Here are some photos of Isabella and her home. If you are unfamiliar with her work and life story, I highly recommend you read her biography, Isabella Blow by Martina Rink and Philip Treacy or Blow by Blow: The story of Isabella Blow by Detmar Blow. 

"If you don't wear lipstick, I can't talk to you. You need to have lips - they are important for getting men"  
Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow portrait by Phil Poynter
Isabella & Alexander McQueen
Isabella with Philip Treacy (
 'Burning Down the House', by David LaChapelle
McQueen and his 'muse' Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow, pictured in Paris in 1999

Isabella Blow wears Philip Treacy / fall–winter 1998–1999
photography Iain R Webb
World of Interiors, March 2009
World of Interiors, March 2009
World of Interiors, March 2009
World of Interiors, March 2009

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