Thursday, March 28, 2013

Interior Designer Interview: Erinn Valencich

If you shop the infamous Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, you can't help but notice the beautiful home store Erinn V. Maison. The store, which belongs to Interior Designer Erinn Valencich, is incredibly merchandised with everything you need to decorate your home- including furniture, amazing art, and decorative accent pieces. 

We had the pleasure of attending a fabulous cocktail party at the store and have been a huge fan ever since. We love that she is able to take very classic pieces and give them a contemporary feel. Her ability to mix textures, patterns, and colors is stunning and gives her spaces an elevated feel. We had the honor asking Erinn about her work and her vision and are very excited to share it with all of you. 

What inspires you? 
I get a majority of my inspiration from traveling and magazines. I love to find new things, or old pieces that feel new again. 

If someone is on a budget but can splurge on only one piece, what should they purchase? 
Something they really love that makes a statement, a pair of chairs, or a rug for instance or a large scale piece of art. 

When starting a new project, what is the first thing you do? 
Look through lots of images of rooms with my clients so that I can get a good sense of what they like and are drawn to and what the don't like. 

Is there a classic—a staple—that is always a part of your design…a signature? Wallpaper, patterned drapery, and some cool Erinn V. Maison chairs! 

What are 5 essential pieces that very individual should have in their home? 
Great bedding, DL & Co candles, fresh flowers or orchids, sculptural side tables, a Danish modern piece .

In your opinion, what makes a great room? 
A well executed point of view.

Where are the best ways to save money if someone is on a budget but wants high style? 
Home Goods is a go-to for accessories, pillows and wall decor on a budget. 

What room is your favorite room to decorate, and why? 
Probably the master bedroom or a dining room. They can be more romantic and sexy. Like a jewel-box. 

3 decorating ideas for a small living space? 
Clever storage furniture. Bookcase to the ceiling! And color. 

319 S. Robertson Blvd. 


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