Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Decorating Small Spaces

In our our earlier post How to Decorate A Studio Apartment, we shared some studio space Do's and Don'ts. Now here are some specific pieces to help you maximize your small space.

Pick a headboard that is narrow or use wallpaper or art instead. Decorate with versatile pieces such as day beds, ottomans or stools. Stools can be used as bed stands, side tables and for sitting. Add space by installing wall shelves, and by utilizing the space under your bed. 

Happy decorating! 

1. Paintable Wall Paper starting at $25.69; 2. Large Wall Tree Decal $69.99; 3. Window Headboard $299.00; 4. Geometric Pattern Decal $54.00

1. Parson Daybed $749.00; 2. Oppdal Bed $249.00; 3. Vardo under bed storage box $29.99; 4. Dilling under bed storage box $14.99; 5. Industrial wall mounted shelf $299.00; 6. Galant wall cabinet $169.00
1. Stylized Face Stool $180.00; 2. Asian Garden Stool $169.00; 3. Window Daybed $336.00; 4. Franklin 2-piece storage set $96.87; 5. Rectangular Ottoman $62.99

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