Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Host A Glamorous Bungalow1a New Year's Party

People always ask us for input on throwing a well decorated party. This New Year's, have a little more fun decorating, don't play it safe - it's New Year's after all! When decorating: think fireworks, champagne explosions, and late night mischiefs.


You may not have realized, but champagne bottles are great decorative accents when throwing a celebration. The more you have around the house, whether it's in an ice bucket or arbitrarily placed around the house, champagne bottles can be so decorative and sexy at the same time. 

This is the only time of year we will allow confetti to be thrown all over the place. The reason being it prevails the illusion of fireworks- which is a statement of the New Year.

MORE CHAMPAGNE!! But this time we want you to notice the customization these bottles have with the New Year and drinking quotes labeled on them - we love anything customizable. 

We refuse to let any of our readers use white lights to light their rooms. Change out all your bulbs to nice incandescent yellow lights. It is sexier, brighter, and much more elegant than white lights. For this night, lets' dim them out and make it more romantic!

This week we will introduce our signature New Year's drink for you to have on your menu. Make sure you have elegant tumblers, shakers, and martini glasses to make your event even more chic. Some well decorated desserts won't hurt either!

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