Thursday, September 13, 2012

Parisian Style: Belle Histoire House

I am in love with this Parisian Home! Aside from the amazing architecture of the building the details of the interior space are just exquisite. The architecture is a classic example of the French Regency Era: a softer more subtle look of the Baroque - Rococo era where Marie Antoinette was from. As you scroll through the photos notice how the use of materials from flooring to fabrics help give each room its own unique energy. Though the facade is a classic example of Regency design, the interiors are French Directoir, which in simpler words means, shabby chic.  

All photos courtesy of Jeremy Wilson

Classic cobble stone courtyard.

Notice how the parallel foyer flooring separates it from the other areas and aligns with the wall console.

The wood, leather and steel in this room create a sexy office energy
Unlike the black and brown used in the office this boudoir is bright, and super feminine energy created through the use of velvet, silk and glass accessories

Love the hexagonal tiles in this hallway

The French can make the smallest spaces chic. The chandelier is the perfect size for this bathroom & the large mirror helps make the space look bigger.

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