Monday, September 17, 2012

Do It Yourself: Kitchen Makeover

Fabulously stylish individuals should live and cook in equally fabulous spaces! Don't let a budget, or renting, hold you back from creating a space you love to cook in. Enhance the look of your kitchen without doing major renovations. I have always said - in kitchen design, aside from those top notch, top of the line appliances: accessories, accents, and workable functions make the biggest difference in your kitchen's aesthetic. 

One: Accessory Shopping
You have to shop like a pro. Visit vintage shops, walk flea markets, and don't forget about thrift stores. These are great places to find one of a kind pieces to make your kitchen stand out. Get your hands dirty, dig deep, and watch for department store sales and search stores like HomeGoods and TJMaxx. And like we alway say: add books! Throw in a couple of beautiful cookbooks on your countertops. 

Two: Hardware Replacements
This could be the cheapest and biggest change you can make in your kitchen. Just by changing the hardware you can give the kitchen a whole new look. Make it look fresh and contemporary with clean, sharp edged chrome - or go traditional with a nice curvilinear bronze. We love vintage hardware - you can add such a timeless look.

Three: Paint & Wallpaper
This is the biggest no brainer, we all know the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to spice up a space is to paint it or paper it. I don't mean the classic swiss coffee or white but something more complimentary. For kitchens, paint and wallpaper can be a great way to refresh the look of your cabinets. I love when people paper their cabinets. Have fun, play around, paint is always fixable. 

Four: Final Touches
Now you can just have fun. Display your barware, install artwork, buy some cool barstools, add a magazine rack. Take a shot and relax. 

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