Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Decorate a Coffee Table

Here are some affordable and fabulous items to help you decorate your coffee table. We recommend you start with a tray and some books and then add on from there. If you host often we suggest you consider coasters and candles as they are both functional and help with ambiance.

Miniature Silver-Plate Trophy


S/4 Stone Coasters, Pink


Elephant Box


Geometric Bar Tray


Bronze Spyglass

Hammered-Glass Vase

Asst. of 3 Lacquer Boxes, Blue


15x15 Lacquer Tray, Red


15x15 Lacquer Tray, Gray


Asst. of 3 Lacquer Boxes, Red


Asst. of 3 Lacquer Boxes, Gray


15x15 Lacquer Tray, Blue


Fornasetti Coasters, S/7


Round Onyx Ashtray


Asst. of 3 Hadley Book Boxes


Essential Storage Boxes


Motorcycle Desk Figurine


Milk Glass Vase


Blue Blenko Ashtray


Tall Cased Glass Bottle Vase


A King's Book of Kings


Teal Glass Jar Vase


L'antipatico vase with lid Fornasetti


Bust of Casanova Candle


Future Vase by Hollmegaard


Fusion Lace Coasters by Welmade


Spirale Ashtray

Clock by Philippe Starck for Kartell

Trayan Silicone Coasters


The Bikini Book by Bensimon


'Gino' the Dog Figurine


'The Hotel Book'


Skull Candle Snuffe


Silver Plate on Brass Skull


Nanoblock Statue of Liberty


Piggy Bank by Harry Allen


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