Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mixing Silver & Gold: The Perfect Hybrid

It's become a huge new trend in the fashion world. We see two toned watches, gold cuffs and silver tennis bracelets, and even gold sunglasses with silver ear rings. Now, we see it all over the home decor spreads. Whether its wallpaper, furniture, or built in cabinetry, the fusions of gold and silver have become the chicest of all trends. So if you were hiding your gold pieces to make way for your silver, or vice versa, take them out of hiding and create a beautiful space with the following inspiration photos

1. Hammered Pendant / 2. Gold Mirror / 3. Chevron Throw / 4. Silver Swan Table / 5. Lacquered Bath Accessories / 6. Oval Tray / 7. Gold Swan Table / 8. Metallic Pillow Cover / 9. Gold Wallpaper / 10. Athena Tray / 11. Asian Garden Stool / 12. Silver Face Stool

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