Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Neon Art

Neon Art is making a come back in the art world, and this trend is currently hot in cities like Paris, London and New York. Vibrant colors, expressive characters and fun objects, Neon Art references contemporary culture giving insight into banal events of everyday life. It is both a source of critique and amusement for the ordinary person. Neon Art talks in the languages that surround us about the pressing issues of post-modern living.

Neon Art has Pop Art and Op Art as its predecessors. Even though Neon Art is not always about pop culture, the pop aesthetic is recurrent at its artworks. The variety of mixed media and installations is what clearly distinguishes Neon Art from the art movements derived from pop culture.

These pieces would be a great way to add pop culture to any home, and represents such a personal form of self- expression. The name Neon Art comes from the vibrant neon colors used in the artworks of the movement.

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